Replication Studies and EcoTas17

It’s the Southern Hemisphere conference season and I’ve got the fantastic opportunity to go to EcoTas17 and I don’t even have to present! Instead, in exchange for my conference registration money I will be collecting data and I would love your help!

PhD student Ashley Barnett is conducting a study trying to understand the role of replication studies in ecology and evolution and we collected data on it together at the American ESA earlier this year. However, southern hemisphere types were very poorly represented so I’m hoping to collect their/your opinions at EcoTas17. I’ll be lurking around the morning and afternoon tea tables and roaming among you at between sessions trying to convince you to fill in a 5-15 minute survey on replication studies.

There are three things you need to know about this:

  1. When I say ‘replication study’ I mean doing a whole study a second time… I do not mean replication within a study. You wouldn’t believe how much confusion that caused at ESA
  2. We’d love to hear your opinions regardless of your views on the matter. If you think they’re stupid, excellent or you couldn’t care less we would like to hear from you
  3. Everyone we survey can choose to go into a PRIZE DRAW to win a personalised piece of art based on their research and created by Kate Cranney. I’ve written about her art before and am lucky enough to have one of these pieces myself… it’s one of my most prized possessions… something that I would save if the house was on fire.

You can fill in our survey by following this link!

In case you need any more incentive… here are some examples of her work!!!


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