Sun Foundation Peer Prize for Women in Science

An email went around our lab group a few weeks ago about the Sun Foundation Peer Prize for Women in Science and I was instantly intrigued by it. The prize is two $20,000 research grants, one for health sciences and one for environmental and earth sciences, awarded to the person who has the most peer votes. The thing that really drew me to the competition was that you can look through all of the applications and find out a bit about the brilliant work being done by women researchers throughout Australia. It ties in with my ideas about the necessity of finding low carbon ways of discussing and disseminating research and I am full of ideas that I could use $20,000 dollars to research so I thought I would apply. Voting opens on the 5th of June and close on the 16th of June 2017 and I’m very excited to see which other women applied and what research they are working on.

Please note that, in order to vote, the people at Thinkable who are running the competition need to verify that you are a scientist who has published in the past 5 years. This takes 24-48 hours… so you cant just go and try to vote on the last day

For a sneak preview you could have a look at my attempt to create a video about my research. Please be kind, this is way outside my skill set



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