My Epic Trip to America

I just recently returned from my first solo overseas conference trip and want to chronicle all of the amazing places I saw and people I met so that the details wont get lost in the sand of time. Feel free to read on if you want to hear about some amazing people and a little bit about my adventure.

I am not a big traveller so I tried not to think of all the scary possibilities when I submitted and abstract to attend the ESA (America). After I was accepted I resorted to denial and avoidance and finally I spent the last month or so freaking out about it and obsessively organising every single detail. I decided that I wanted to make the very most of the experience and get as much bang for my carbon buck as I could. So I searched online for people who might be able to give me insights into my research. Unfortunately, my research is a little hard to describe so my success was a little bit hit and miss. Regardless, I think I made a lot of connections which will be very valuable.

Here’s the plan I came up with:

Fly to New York, see some of New York city and meet with Justin Bledin, a linguist from Johns Hopkins University

Catch the train to Princeton University meet with Matthieu Barbie, Simon Levin and the other ecologists at Princeton

Catch the train to Baltimore to attend ESA and network with the people there

Fly to LAX and travel to Riverside to meet with Helen Regan and visit UC Riverside

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