Under my new name

In April (2015) I married into the Fraser family and, seeing as I am yet to publish an article, have decided to transform myself from Hannah Pearson to Hannah Fraser. This involves jumping through a whole lot of hoops. For example, it takes about 50 days for the Office of Birth, Deaths and Marriage to register that you are married, then you have to apply for your certificate which takes a few weeks. Until you receive it you can’t change your name at Melbourne University so my emails are still under my original name which has caused some confusion.

Unfortunately, by far the biggest issue so far is that I keep forgetting that my name has changed and introducing myself as the wrong thing. So if any of you catch me at it, let me know.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to let you know that, from now on, I will be posting updates on my research on this site under this name. Hopefully, you will find something interesting.

All the best

Hannah Fraser

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